Hydro Jet

Enjoy the effects of a finger-pressure massage even in a comfortable standing position thanks to high pressure water jets in the pool’s wall.

Hot Pressure

The whole body finger pressure massage effect using bubbles of ultrasonic waves beneficial to the body help reduce physical tension and relax the muscles.

Neck Shower

The pressure of a falling current of water helps to gently relieve muscle stiffness in the shoulders and neck.

Bubble Bath

Underwater bubbles are used to relax muscles and melt away fatigue of mind and body.

Dream Bath

A current of water follows the contour of the spine to provide effects such as relieving tension, assisting muscles in recovering from fatigue and relaxing the blood flow.


The pressure of bubbles rising upward from the pool floor gives the sensation of floating on air and a whole body massage, while stimulating and relaxing the muscles and improving blood circulation.

Event Pool

Experience the feeling of refreshment from the improvement of bodily health and skin elasticity thanks to the aroma bath, which changes its aroma daily.

Snack Bar

Located inside Aqua World, the Snack Bar serves beverages, snacks and even meals, allowing you to combine the fun of the water with the pleasure of eating.