Outdoor Pool

The Outdoor Pool possesses various fun features including dinosaurs floating on the water as well as the water polo pool, located across from the cave waterfall, where the whole family can enjoy themselves as a team.


You’ll scream spontaneously with excitement at each turn on this thrill water slide where everyone can enjoy the high-speed rush.

Dry Dock (Body Temperature Maintenance Room)

The Body Temperature Maintenance Room can be used by everyone regardless of gender to raise the internal body temperature after spending time in the water. Infants and children must be accompanied by a guardian.

Tanning Zone

Fall under the illusion of tanning in on a sandy beach white gazing at the blue of the ocean.

Parasol Zone

A place for exhausted guests to relax after enjoying the water.

Cave Waterfall

Stand against the cave wall and absorb the cool, refreshing current of falling water, while lifting your spirits as you gaze at the beautiful scenery of the clean, sparkling East Sea.

Open-Air Bath

The thermal waters of the Open-Air Bath allow the whole family to relieve fatigue and the kids to enjoy some playtime in the water, while appreciating the surrounding landscape made using natural rocks.

Event Pool

Juice is now no longer just for drinking – feel its effects with your entire body! When the body is sticky with sweat or just exhausted, you will be able to feel the refreshing effects immediately when using the juice item bath. Highly recommended for families with young children! A pool made solely for the safe enjoyment of infants, equipped with a baby-slide and even turtles floating idly on the water’s surface.