Seawater Therapy

Use of clean yangyang seawater and mud, seawater therapy is highly effective on both female illnesses and skin diseases. Seawater contains over 100 types of minerals such as sodium chloride and magnesium, helping to prevent various health issues such as joint pain, diabetes, high blood pressure. Furthermore, its anti-ageing natural minerals gives the skin elasticity and vitality.

Watsu Therapy

Watsu Therapy let the body float on the water while music is played underwater, which is especially effective for acquiring psychological stability.

Enzyme Therapy

Enzyme Therapy is beneficial for removal of wastes created by body or harmful substances. Enzyme allows to maximize the speed of hormone, nervous system blood circulation, all of which are good for keeping health and youth of body.

Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy is designed to assist the relaxation of the body by inducing a positive physiological transformation through sound vibrations rising from the bed along with headset music.