Yangpyeong Tourist Guide by Daemyung Resort Yangpyeong

Yongmun (Dragon Gate) Mountain

The grandeur of the alpine-like mountainous terrain and deep valleys of Yongmun (Dragon Gate) Mountains can be called the symbol of the Yangpyeong region. Observe the gingko trees that breathe 1100 years of history while contemplating the serene permanence of Yongmun Mountain from its hiking trails.

Rail Bike

Enjoy the fantastic Rail Bike in Yangpyeong, where clean rivers and fresh mountain air unite.

Mountain Motor biking & Survival Game

Enjoy the thrill of motor biking and a survival game while making long-lasting memories in this recreation space nestled in the mountainside.

Wild Flower Arboretum

The Wild Flower Arboretum harmonizes around 30 thousand types of shrubs and wild flowers as gifts from heaven, and offers various practical courses awakening you to nature’s preciousness.

Horse Riding

Experience the world of horse riding by taking one on a ride through the woods surrounding the Namhan River.

Gyeonggi English Village Yangpyeong Camp

An environment resembling a town from the US state of Virginia, offering you a new type of cultural experience.

Grass Scent Herb Country

A garden of about 2000 pyeong where you can view various wild flowers and herbs.

Fishing Experience

Enjoy a spot of fishing while and creating beautiful memories and spending valuable time with your family.

Yangpyeong County Art Gallery

Take some time out to appreciate modern art.


Turn your dream of flying into a reality! Experience the butterflies and intense thrill of paragliding.

Water Sports

Take a break from the sweltering heat of summer and enjoy the thrill of a range of water sports including water skiing, banana boat and the viper at Sesibong.