Enjoy a unique experience each season of the year at Aqua World, the only water theme park in the central region of Korea. Aqua World offers you the most enjoyment for your money with its various facilities, including open-air baths, saunas, bathing pools and health spa programs.

Facilities Guide

Facilities Guide
Aqua Health
Pool Zone
Wood Shower
Bench Jet
Hydro Jet
Whole Body Massage
Mushroom Jet System
Massage Spa
Amusement Zone Aroma Dry Dock
Event Pool
Couple's Bath
Waterfall Wall
Pitonchid Bath
Pine Tree Pool (Hinoki Pool)
Waterslide Zone Waterslide
Tube Slide
Body Slide
Open-Air Bath/Sauna Open-Air Bath
Warm Bath/Hot Bath/Cold Bath
Outdoor Sauna (Male/Female Sauna)
Charcoal Sauna (Male/Female Sauna)
Men's Event Pool
Women's Event Pool