Welcome to the only and unique Winter in Vivaldi Park, the SnowyLand!! The moment you never experienced is ready for you. Fascinating & Romantic !!
49,587㎡ size of winter village located in Gangwondo Hongcheon Vivaldi Park! Different types of sled, traditional winter sports are all here! Create your own romantic and unforgettable memory with Snow Fairy!

The Snowy’s Happy Dream

The ’Snowyland’ is the mysterious snow village that Snowy lives. The ‘Snowy’ is the mischievous fairy, and always being energetic and lovable. He likes to make people happy by making the pure and white snow! Once all the sincere wishes to see the show deliver to the ‘Snowy’, he utter incantations and dance to make the snow falling. The lovely bubbly Snowy invites you here to hang out together! ‘Snowy Land’ promises to present you with the thrill & Romance of the snow.