The Super S Slide, adding to the thrill of the 8-seater Cairo! Head off into a world of water-based excitement you thought only existed in your imagination!

Cairo Racing

The first 8-seater mat slide in Korea. Feel the speed of this unique ride. It measures times while you race down straights and do sharp turns. Compare your record with your friends!

Cairo Racing
About Length 120m / height 18.8m / 8 lanes
Super S Slide

Feel the thrill while rising up to three meters then dropping down and passing through two 6-meter diameter tunnels. The Super S Slide is the largest in the family tube series.

Cairo Racing
About The world’s longest operational 6-seater slide.
High Speed Slide

Height 17m, 45 degree angle slide Course A : The drop from an altitude of 17 meters gives you an unbeatable sensation of speed and exhilaration. Course B : Skim across the water each time you hit one of the flat buffer zones

Cairo Racing
About Course A - 89m, Course B - 87m
Family Left Slide

The first 4-seater slide in Korea on which you can enjoy tube rafting along with the family. This family slide offers you a new, unique and dizzying experience where you spin around and around while heading down the slide with your friends and family

Cairo Racing
About Width 3m / length 116m / height 17m